The Oakhaven Oil Spy Run

On 30 September 2012 50 cars will be leaving Efford Park in Lymington for the first Oakhaven Oil Spy Run, a Scatter Rally to raise awareness of Oakhaven Hospice.

Oakhaven Hospice is an independent charity and the key provider of specialist palliative care (hospice care) in the New Forest. Oakhaven serves the community of The New Forest and Waterside with a population of 100,000, caring for patients with life limiting illnesses and their families. The hospice has an active 10 bed In-Patient Unit, Day Hospice and a team of Clinical Nurse Specialists working in partnership with the Primary Care Team. It costs £3.5m a year to keep Oakhaven running, and this event is not about raising money, it is about raising awareness of what Oakhaven does and the need to support it.

Oil Spy is a unique, easy to handle oil test kit that will identify specific oil problems and thereby common engine defects in about 15 minutes, giving the earliest warning of problems that could affect the weakest link in the engine… the oil. One drip of warm dipstick oil on our special pad will identify deficiencies and root causes that could otherwise cause major engine failure.

Anyone who is a car enthusiast, would like to experience a fun day out and support our local hospice is welcome to enter this event. We will be meeting at Efford Park at 10.00 am with the first car leaving at 11.00 am. Driver and navigator (and possibly other passengers in the car) will be collecting clues and we all will meet for lunch. After that the search continues! A winner will be crowned once all cars have arrived at Lymington Town Sailing Club after 16.00 pm. This adventure is not about speed as we will be well within the national speed limits, it is about navigation, communication and inclusivity.

Please visit our special event website where you can sign up, load up a photo of your motor (all cars are admitted, not only classic cars) and find out more.



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