Oil Spy in the media

Etoiles Passion (France), January 2012

4×4 Magazine (France), December 2011

Drive Out (South Africa), November 2011

NZ V8 (New Zealand), August 2011

Norsk MotorVeteran (Norway), August 2011

Autoworks (France), Aug-Sept 2011

Land Rover Owner International, July 2011

Klassiker (Sweden), July 2011

Berlinette (France), June-July 2011

Rétro Course (France), May 2011

Moto Légende (France), Spring 2011

Youngtimers (France), March 2011

Auto Rétro (France), March 2011

Nitro Magazine (France), February-March 2011

Echappement Classic (France), January 2011

Gazoline (France), January 2011

Channel Europe 1, “On va s’gêner” 13-12-2010 (French national radio – see “Friends” for link)

Echappement (France), September 2010

FLYER Magazine, September 2010

Classic & Sports Car, September 2010

Classic Car Mart, Spring 2010

Classic Car Magazine, Spring 2010

Classic Car World, April 2010

Triumph World, April 2010

Land Rover International, Spring 2010

Mini World Magazine, Spring 2010

MG Enthusiast, March 2010

Car Mechanics, March 2010

Auto Motor Klassiek (Netherlands), Jan-Feb 2010

Classic Car Buyer, 20-01-2010

Classic Car Weekly, 09-12-2009

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