OIL SPY goes classic rallying

This is the Oil Spy rally car that will be out and about at events this year.

It is a 1958 series II Sunbeam Rapier. It has a long history of rallying with some success too (previous owners mind). We have done a few alpine events and Montes so are ready to get stuck in.

More later, as we have only just acquired the car. It went on display at the excellent HRCR (Historic Rally Car Register) open day at Gaydon Heritage Motor Centre on it’s way home to the south coast from Scotland.

In company with some distinguished classic rally cars at Gaydon.

Recognise this fellow (the one on the left)? Yes, it is none other than rally legend Erik Carlsson. We last met on the Col de Turini in 1999 when I was rallying a two-stroke Saab. Eric had been in the area for the ‘real’ Monte and heard that a two-stroke Saab was competing in the classic Monte. Ever the enthusiast he waited for me to arrive (in snow) at the top of a freezing mountain. That is remarkable enough but he remembered me after a 13 year interval! A true legend indeed. More on that story later too…

A busy HRCR open day at the Gaydon Heritage Motor Centre.



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