Oil SPY Air now on sale

Coinciding with the product review in Flyer magazine (September 2010 issue, www.flyer.co.uk) we have joined forces with well-known and internationally highly respected distributor Airplan Flight Equipment. Ltd. We were approached by AFE’s Jeremy Dyack a couple of months ago about our innovative product. Its green credentials could safe you a lot of money (which can be invested elsewhere…) and most of all keep your engine healthy (so it is potentially life saving!). As you know, when it comes to aircraft engines, oil is golden – ┬ásilence isn’t…

The OIL SPY team and AFE launched OIL SPY Air at AeroExpo in High Wycombe this year where we enjoyed great success with aircraft manufacturers such as Cessna and Piper. We are very pleased to be working with AFE as they are Europe’s leading supplier of just about everything a pilot might need.

OIL SPY Air is now available for the GA market through Airplan Flight Equipment Ltd, 1A Ringway Trading Estate, Shadowmoss Road, Manchester M22 5LH. You can order online on www.afeonline.com, email their sales department on sales@afeonline.com or call +44(0)161 499 9923.

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Each box comes with 26 tests and instructions.

Please contact us directly on post@korrosionsschutz-depot.de to order refills and to discuss larger or customised amounts of Oil Spy test cards and boxes.