24 09/10

Peking to Paris 2010 rally – triumphant arrival in Paris!

The 2010 Peking to Paris has ended on Saturday 16th October in Paris with a triumphant celebration of this extraordinary tour through 11 countries, most rather difficult to access for the more conservative traveller (Mongolia, Kazkhstan, Iran).

OIL SPY sponsored this event with test kits for every car and for the mechanics to prevent engine failure and to be able to spot any problems as soon as possible (particularly important in such a demanding terrain). Those cars who had to retire hopefully made a good recovery by now.

We have now, that the rally has finished, added a map (follow this link) so that yuo can see for yourself the route that has been taken Peking Paris route map.

The OIL SPY crew sends out congratulations to all the 98 cars and teams that participated in the Peking to Paris rally and is looking forward to the next event.

24 09/10

OIL SPY sponsors ERA rallys

Since the beginning of 2010 OIL SPY has been involved with ERA, the Endurance Rally Association. We supplied all participating cars of the Flying Scotsman rally from London (Brooklands) to Edinburgh with an OIL SPY kit on a damp day in March and each car sported our OIL SPY sticker. We are right now supporting Peking to Paris; London to Cape Town leaves Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament on New Year’s Eve. (www.endurorally.com)

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