8 07/11

Trade mark

After being awarded the UK Trade mark last year, we have now received the Certificate of registration issued for the European Community trade mark by the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market.

1 07/11


We’ve just embarked on using Facebook as part of our marketing and information technology. How about becoming a friend?

Nous venons tout juste de créer notre page Facebook.

Pourquoi ne pas devenir un ami?!

1 07/11

Latest review of OIL SPY in the French press

An excellent article has been published in Berlinette in June 2011.

This French magazine is entirely dedicated to the Renault Alpine genre, created by Jean Rédélé.

Un excellent article vient d’être publié dans le magazine Berlinette de juin-juillet 2011.

Cette revue est entièrement consacrée aux automobiles Renault Alpine, créations de Jean Rédélé.

7 02/11


We have found in the person of Yves Gallet the perfect opportunity to distribute OIL SPY in the French Rally sector.

Mr Gallet, editor of RETRO COURSE, renowned French Magazine published by Les Editions du Baquet, is a specialist in classic cars races, rallies and hill climbing.

The deal was struck on Friday at RETROMOBILE with a glass of Bordeaux Grand Cru. Vive la France!

14 12/10

OIL SPY on French radio!

Jérome Bonaldi, highly regarded French journalist with interest in technical news and “gadgets” presented  OIL SPY during Laurent Ruquier’s “On va s’gêner” primetime radio programme Monday, 13 December 2010 on the nationwide channel Europe 1 (French equivalent to the BBC). “On va s’gêner” is a very entertaining programme with celebrity studio guests about culture, entertainment and trends.


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