24 09/10

Questions that our customers and people generally interested in OIL SPY have asked us – with our answers:


“My test shows a really black circle, what does this mean?”


“This shows that the oil is still dispersing as it should but also that it is loaded with ‘soot’ (products of combustion). Keep monitoring the oil as soon it will be time for an oil change.”

Q: “My test shows a plain light brown spot with no rings.”

A: “That’s good, it shows there is nothing wrong.”

Q: “Can I use OIL SPY for diesel engines?”

A: “Most definitely. The results will only be much darker”.

(See the Diesel section on this website for extra help).

Q: “Will it work with all motor oils?”

A: “Yes, it will. It’s all about dispersancy which is a primary requirement of all oils.”

Q: “Oil dispersancy is mentioned a lot. What is that?”

A: “Oil has to be a sort of ‘dustbin’ for all of the products of combustion, and in addition to its detergent qualities it has to carry all of this rubbish uniformly throughout its content. When dispersancy breaks down then sludge occurs and the oil will be severely impaired. The OIL SPY method is a simple way to spot the most potentially destroying things that are going on in your engine. OIL SPY could save you a very expensive failure well before any other signs are evident.”

Q: “It’s just a piece of paper isn’t it?”

A: “In the same way a razor blade is just a piece of metal, yes it is. It’s what it is made of, how it is made, how it is controlled and the quality procedures it is made under to ensure 100% scientific repeatability. After all it is something you need to rely on.”

Q: “Is there a use by or  sell by date for my OIL SPY kit?

A: “No, not at all, just keep it in the tin and keep it in normal conditions and above all dry.”

Q: “I don’t need to test my oil: I buy the best there is…”

A: Indeed it could be the finest oil, it is not about the oil quality although that does have some bearing on its ability to cope with certain factors, it is about overloading the oil with contaminants (water, coolant, fuel) or reaching capacity of soot loading due to engine malfunction, or just the fact that exhaust gas recycling and the operational cycle has exceeded the oil’s performance within a given service period.

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