Oil Spy

Oil Spy

This unique, easy to handle oil test kit will identify specific oil problems and thereby common engine defects in about 15 minutes, giving the earliest warning of problems that could affect the weakest link in the engine… the oil. One drip of warm dipstick oil on our special pad will identify deficiencies and root causes that could otherwise cause major engine failure.

Previously the only way to gain any oil knowledge was to have a laboratory analysis, which is expensive, could not be done by the owner and takes too long for a useful result – particularly where a ‘snapshot’ is required.

With our oil test kit common oil and/or engine problems such as head gasket failure or oil sludging (dispersancy failure) or fuel washing of the bores can be identified quickly and the live span of your engine can be protected. Modern vehicles can equally benefit from using Oil Spy too, as oil service intervals often exceed the useful life of the oil if perfect driving conditions are not observed or possible.

An Oil Spy test could save you a seized engine or at the very least a hefty repair bill. It just makes sense to do this simple test every now and then as oil service intervals continue to increase. At 50p a test – why not?


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Each box comes with 26 tests and instructions.

Please contact us directly on post@korrosionsschutz-depot.de to order refills and to discuss larger or customised amounts of Oil Spy test cards and boxes.